My First Card Trick

Introduction: My First Card Trick

About: Have always been a " figure out how to do it" kind of fellow, never having the right tool or experience just helped foster it along. Love the whole concept of sharing the HOW behind a project and have found...

This is a simple little trick that only uses 2 actual moves. The first is called a Hindu shuffle which you can see at 52 seconds into the video. After the card is placed on the bottom half of the packet with the next move you grab a chunk of those cards keeping a space between them and the original pack. When you have dropped all the cards from the original pack back down simply let the part you picked up land on top of the deck. To the audience this appears to be the the end of the deck, they cannot tell you have actually placed the chosen card on the very top of the deck.

The next move is called a Double lift, it is shown (in a bit of a sloppy manner) at 1:23 in the video. Basically you present a pack of 2 cards as one. I have not mastered it to the point where I can catch the break without actually forcing two cards over then pushing up from underneath to make the break and grab them as one -but it is a work in progress. Surprisingly most people have no concept that this was just done in front of them.

Everything else is patter and distraction.

I hope you enjoy it.

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