My First Christmas Fireplace




Introduction: My First Christmas Fireplace

I always dreamed of having a fireplace, but my house is very small and there was not. This year, I took advantage of Christmas time to make dreams come true, and decided to make my own fireplace.

For my fireplace I used only recycled material. I tried to get a rustic look.

Step 1: Materials

I have the good habit (or bad) of storing materials in case one day I can use them. Fortunately I had several that were very useful in this case:

- A side table (that you don´t need for a month)

- 2 cardboard boxes, one large and one medium (from the packaging of a stereo)

- The empty christmas tree box

- Polystyrene pieces from packaging

- Hot glue

- Red, black, gray, yellow, gold, brown paints

- Brushes

- Cutter

- Kraft Paper

- Masking tape

- Christmas lights

Step 2: Making the Structure

Because of the shape of my table I had to put it backward, on right side I put one packaging polystyrene piece, at the top I used the Christmas tree box. I used the disassembled big box for the front of the fireplace.

From the back I put the medium box, to make the interior of the fireplace.

I used masking tape for put together all this parts.

Step 3: Making the Bricks

With the packaging polystyrene pieces, I cut irregular rectangles to make the bricks and get a rustic look. I tried to use the angles of the packaging polystyrene for the angles of the fireplace,so looks more "natural".

Mixing different proportions of red, black and brown paint, I obtained the color similar to that of the bricks. I painted them irregularly to obtain a worn effect, making dark or light spots.

For the cement, I used gray paint between pieces of polystyrene.

Step 4: Inside of the Fireplace

For the interior I used crumpled kraft paper to give it a stone look, I cover the inside of the medium box with the kraft paper, I joined the paper with hot glue. On my stored things I found a little light bulb that simulates fire, so I decided to use it. I put a light socket in the middle of the interior of the fireplace, for the bulb. And between the paper and the box I put a Christmas lights, so I can see light spots. For the frame of the fireplace I use cardboard strips and pint it black I try too with the edge of black Styrofoam tray for meat, but I choise the cardboard. I wanted to make firewood by making crumpled newspaper rolls painted brown with black overtones. I also made pieces of polystyrene painted black with red, yellow and gold to simulate the appearance of burning coal. I put the coal and firewood around the bulb and so I got my bonfire.

In my country it is customary to make a manger and put it on top of my fireplace. Every day me and my family have a glass of wine and eat some Christmas dessert.

Up to here my first fireplace. Every day I try with different decoration, I hope you enjoy my fireplace instructable and those who do not have one, are encouraged to do it, like me, even for a short time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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    This reminds me of a "fireplace" my Dad made for us years ago when we were kids. There were 5 kids and we needed a place to hang our stockings, so Dad built a fireplace out of plywood, and covered it with brick pattern Contact paper (printed thin plastic with adhesive on the back). We put sticks in the open space for a "fire" and he painted the top white for a mantel, where we put hooks for our stockings. We must have used it for at least 8 years! Thanks for bringing back a memory from 50 years ago!


    Reply 1 year ago

    Your message has touched my heart. I am very happy to know that my instructable led you to such beautiful memories. See you in our next instructables!!


    1 year ago

    How cute is that? I may have to make a tiny one for stockings next year :D


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you jessyratfink. I'm sure it will be an adorable fireplace for your stockings. I hope to see your photos :)
    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    This is so cute and I bet kids would just love it :)