My First DIY Knives

Introduction: My First DIY Knives

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These are the first three knives I made, The Bowie knife is made from an old file and some pine paneling. The second knife with no scales or para-cord Is also made from an old file, It has to be finish sanded, sharpened and given a handle. The knife with the green para-cord handle is the last knife I made  It is made from an older circular saw blade I have thoroughly tested it and it is razor sharp and would make a decent hunting/skinning knife, But the para-cord would get soaked in blood and would stink!! Thanks for looking!! If you liked them please vote and or favorite it!! All suggestions or comments welcome!! P.S I still have quite a bit of that circular saw blade left and when I make it into a knife I will make a full ible!!



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    if I don't have para cord, can I use duct tape as my grip?

    Your edges are way too fat. If you cant find a better tool for the job, then sand paper nailed to a board will help you to thin them out. The supposed ideal edge is around 30 degrees, yours are around 40-45. I like mine a 20-25, but I am not opposed to sharpening constantly.

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    Title says it all... ''My first diy knives''. Im currently working on a kitchen knife for my mother for mothers day My skills have improved quite a lot since these ones. All these were useless except for the one with the paracord handle.

    I took a look at all your up loads. Over all very good. I'm an avid survivalist, and have taught preparedness classes.
    A point of thought: your salt, I use the restaurant packets in a zip bag, if you drop/spill the bag, you don't loose it all on the ground.

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    Thank you!! I never even thought of those salt and sugar packets but that is a really good idea!! As soon as the restaurants open I will get some!! Thanks for the complimants and the tip!!

    I used an angle grinder, cordless drill and a couple of files on the one with the para cord. And I used files and a drill on the other two. I don't know how thick they are as I don't have the label off the blade anymore. I now have a belt sander and that speeds things up a lot!!

    Also multi purpose. Salt is a disinfectant. Burns like hell, but will clean a wound and speed clotting in an emergency, it's better to scream now, than suffer long later.

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    Yah I have heard of people pouring salt in their cuts!! It almost sounds worse than alchohl or iodine!!