My First Finished Crochet Project Ever

Introduction: My First Finished Crochet Project Ever

My 1st very own crochet project. All my own pattern and design. Pretty happy with the turn out...

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Step 1: For My Daughter(in Photo)

My very first crochet project, that I made on my own...I didn't follow anyone elses pattern. I did it all on my own and was lucky enough to come out with this really pretty dark with pink striped purse...

Step 2: Materials Needed:

Love that yarn
One skein of charcoal
One skein of pink
One skein of light yellow for middle of flower
Size US6/4.00 mm hook

Step 3: Instructions:

I started by chaining about 40 for the foundation chain and then turned and SC in every st to the end and continued to work oh about 25 rows of sc. (Please bare with me, this was my first very own pattern that I ever created. And i didn't ever write it down so I might miss some of the steps. This is only the second pattern that I have ever written out too so please forgive me if I make some mistakes. ? I am still learning... But i will do my best... Thank you all) I worked about 25 rows of sc before I started to work my rows into rounds to form the bottom of the purse. I continued to work rounds until the corners folded up just the way I needed them, which was about 5 more rounds, it's really up to you how many or how far to continue with them there is no limit. Just make sure to use a stitch marker in your first stitch of the round. Then I worked sc hdc in same st, skip next st, then repeat for the rest of the purse, if I remember correctly...I am sorry. I will do my best to try and remember the rest of the pattern and report back as soon as I do I promise....once again I apologize for my forgetfulness.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    You did a pretty good job with the pattern for it being your first time!!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you so much...I really appreciate it... ?