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I've thought about making a knife for a while and thought I'd be restricted to a fixed blade since folding blades seemed difficult to perfect. I saw the Svord Peasant knife somewhere online somewhere and I hope they take it as flattery that I wanted to copy their design. They, in turn, based their design on medieval knifes. I also saw online a knife making tutorial that used an old circular saw blade (I've seen it mentioned on this site too a couple of times). So I headed for the shed and a few hours later came out with this: Obviously the bolts in the handle are ugly and the blade hasn't been hardened anymore than it was already but it does function pretty well. The grip on the back of the blade I put in with a triangular file. The handle is cherry with linseed oil. The lanyard hole sticks up a bit but if I filed it off it'd poke a hole in my pocket (and it works well getting paint cans open).



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    Reply 5 years ago

    I didn't... You'd think that was a mistake, and with the knowledge I have now I don't think I would have ever tried it.
    At the time I thought, "This is already hard, so if I'm careful and don't get it too hot, it should stay hard."
    I have now carried this knife in my pocket every day for two years and only sharpen it occasionally. It is a working blade and does get rough treatment but does seem to keep an edge fairly well still.

    Ray from RI

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Any chance you could disassembale the knife and lay out the parts and blade in a column?
    I would like to copy the design and make one myself.

    As long as you kept the circular saw blade cool, by dipping it in water, and kept it
    from over heating in the cutting and grinding opperations you should be OK with the temper of the blade.

    In my opnion you did an excellent job making use of the equipment and supplies you had availabe at the time...!

    Outstanding work!!!


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    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Below is a link to the pdf template that I made while I was designing my knife. The shape is obviously very different but the size and structure of the joints etc are about the same.

    That is Ok Mark,

    I figured you get back to this sooner or later....

    I Tried to access this and was unable to do so...could you please redo the web address... possibly something got left out by accident?



    I'm an idiot, sorry.
    It should be fixed now:

    OK, still an idiot.
    I thought I knew what caused your problem.... now I'm not so sure.
    Try this one if the others still fail:

    NO you are Not an idiot, making such a beautiful knife demonstrates that...
    Unfortunetly that is not working either for what ever the reason....!

    Thank in any event!



    6 years ago on Introduction

    There's a handy piece called a "chicago screw", which is two pieces: 1) barrel with a screw head 2) the actual screw with a screw head. Once they are put together (you can get them as close to the necessary size, then shorten them with cutting or filing), you can smooth off the screw driver slot. It gives the piece a look like it's been riveted, without actually using rivets. If you counter-sink the screws, then you can leave the screw driver slot, and be able to take the knife apart, over and over.
    Good looking work! When you want to start selling... you might try There's a good market for handmade pieces like this!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Right sharp looking that is. Nothing wrong with your bolts. Lee Valley does sell brass rivets, minimum is fifty to a box. Another option is to take a piece of rod slightly longer than the thickness it will go through. Cut the rod at an angle along it's length and end up with two half round wedges. Insert from both sides, flat to flat, tap in from both sides until tight. Clean up and peen the ends.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You know this is beautiful! I would love a knife like that, welldone... Now if only this was a Full I'ble showing us how you made it! hehe

    you know this is something I would love to take with me camping, simple and elegant.... do you make Knives to order?

    High five for you!


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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I did some more work on this knife last weekend actually. I wasn't happy with the hardness of the blade so I had a go. I'm still testing the blade but it seems much harder. I also made my second knife, this time a fixed blade kitchen knife:
    No, I'm not selling anything yet.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Love the color of a few coats of linseed oil on bare wood, I do all my walking sticks that way.