My First Suitcase Boombox

Introduction: My First Suitcase Boombox

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I had an old StarFlite brief case lying around a decided to make it into a portable boombox. All together this project cost around £25 because i didn't have to buy any speakers or suitcase, it took about 5 hours to make and has incredible sound quality. Check out my youtube channel for sound tests and other suitcase boombox products which i will be making:


1. StarFlite brief case (Had one lying around)

2. Hossen 12v amp (Amazon)

3. 12v sealed lead acid battery 2Ah (Amazon)

4. One aiwa 8C-NS7-604 13cm speaker (lying around)

5. Two 10cm panasonic speakers (lying around)

6. All tweeters already connected to speakers.

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Step 1: Reinforcing

First problem i had was the sides of the case couldn't hold the speakers, so i measured and cut out sides using ply wood. I then varnished them to give it a better look. Using a hegner saw i cut out the inserts in which the speakers would sit in.

Step 2: Connecting Wires

It was pretty simple connecting all the wires because most of them were already soldered together. I bought a 12v dc input and striped the mains side to get a positive and negative wire, using spade connectors they both slotted onto the battery and the other end went into the dc input on the amp. I also connected a aux cable so i could play music off my phone.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is cool! I'd love to see more pictures of the build process that you took. It would be really cool if you could mount the amp controls on the outside of the suitcase.