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Introduction: My Floating Home

About: I like making things that help people out so maybe I will help you out to so stick around to find out .

I built this raft because I have always wanted a boat. I call it the party barge . It is about 4 and a half by 4 and a half .

Step 1: Frame

First you need to make the frame .you can make it to your specs but I like mine.

Take a 2x4 cut to the length you like then nail it or use screws . This part is pretty self explanatory but still. Repeat the step above until you have a strong square. Then add cross braces for support. I did mine to form a x in the middle. I don't have any pictures of building the raft . Just from after it was built .

Step 2: Deck

For the deck I used 1x6 . I nailed them down with 8d galvanized nails. I left a small space between each of the boards . Towards the back I nailed a 4x4 down and drilled a 1 and a half inch hole for rod and reel holders. Next I found some old reflectors and nailed them down . Safety first.

Step 3: Amenities

After I got the deck like I like it I made a small stove to go on it . To do this just drill some holes in the bottom of a coffee can . Under the stove I put a old license plate to keep it from catching fire. I then added a tiki torch for light and keep the mosquitos away . After that I made an anchor out of a bowling ball with a eye bolt in it . To make the rudder drill a hole in the 4x4 big enough for a pipe to fit snug then make a rudder and drill a hole in it to fit some what loose . Then put some 5 gallon buckets with a lid under it and enjoy .



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    7 Discussions

    My jeans are wet because when we first put it in it started to float away. And I had to go in after it. But since then I have adde two more buckets instead of the the four.

    Looks to me like you need a couple extra buckets for flotation. Your sneakers look like they are partly submerged and in the picture of your kneeling, your jeans look wet.

    Neat idea. I really like the anchor!

    Pretty cool! A swiveling chair might be nice on there, to keep you high and dry and have a range of positions. Or maybe one more 5-gallon bucket to sit on. Anyway, happy floating!

    Wow, that water you launched it in is beautifully clear. Great 'ible

    Thanks I'm working on something new but can't reveal any details so stay tuned.

    Awesome man! I love all the add ons... Keep the instructables coming