My Free Mosaic Montage Tool - RasTiler

Introduction: My Free Mosaic Montage Tool - RasTiler

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With tens, hundreds or thousands images, creating a montage image in just only seconds.

More details and tutorials here.

Quick Start Video :

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Step 1: Download RasTiler and Unzip.

DownLoad ReleaseRasTiler.rar Green version.


Step 2: Launch RasTiler

Step 3: Change Language.

Traditional Chinese / English

Step 4: Add Your Own Reference Images.

Start. After starting RasTiler, there are many default thumbs. You can clear all and add your own images later.

File / Clear All..

Step 5: Import Source Images

The more images you import the better quality you will get.

Step 6: Set Thumb Size.

Move the scrollbar to adjust the thumb size.

Adjust Thumb Size.

Step 7: Select or ​Import Target Image

Select an image file as the target image

Step 8: Run

Just press the green button and need only seconds

Step 9: ​Complete

Press the Zoom IN/Out button in top toolbar to view the result

Step 10: ​Export Taret Image

Output result as image file in 3 format of .bmp .jpg .gif

Step 11: Extras.

You can do image-processing to original image before generating the Montage image.

Also you can do image-processing to the generated Montage image.

Step 12: ​Real Size Preview

Press the top Arrow keys to view.

Step 13: More Free Tools.

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