My Giant Knex Wheel





Introduction: My Giant Knex Wheel

my knex wheel for my new ball machine

Step 1: Parts List

Gather the following parts:-


Green 96

Silver 864

Black Rigid 1


Red 96

Yellow 672

Silver 3D 96

Blue 3D 96

White 12


Y Clip 4

Step 2: Let's Build

  1. Make Picture 1.
  2. Make Picture 2.
  3. Connect all from Picture 1 together in a circle, with the red connecters facing outwards (I found it easier to bend in a circle laying flat).
  4. Connect Picture 2 to White connecters like in Picture 3, do this 12 times.
  5. Connect the other ends to the circle like in Picture 4.
  6. After doing bottom layer put the black rod through the middle of White connecters, put a Y Connecter on to hold them in place.
  7. Then place a second Y Connecter on rod and start the process of filling the top layer.
  8. Once done place final Y Connecters on each end to stop them from falling off.
  9. You are now complete!!



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