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Introduction: My Guns: Current and Upcoming

                     Gun  Completed  Slideshow   Instructable
               M4 Carbine       Yup! :)       Yup! :)         Yup! :)
                Semi Auto       Yup! :)       Yup! :)         Yup! :)
               Intervention       Yup! :)       Yup! :)         Yup! :)
                FN F2000       Yup!  :)       Yup! :)      Not yet! :(
                    MP5K       Yup!  :)       Yup! :)      Not yet! :(
                 L86 LSW    Not yet! :(    Not yet! :(       Not yet! :(
               M249 SAW    Not yet! :(    Not yet! :(       Not yet! :(
               FN Scar-H      
           YOU DECIDE :D      



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    Yes!!!!! realy want the m249 saw!!. the hk g11 is ugly! And make it pls semiauto rbg (the m249 saw)!!

     Sorry for the late reply.  That mag is way too far back to be accompished with knex, sorry

    a fake mag is the answer. a fake in the back and a real one hidden up front

    That's what I ended up doing on my FN2000
    I guess I could try it, but i don't know.

    Maybe you can have a firing pin AND a thing in the back that you pull back and push foward to put the bullet closer to the front. Pretty much somthing new

    or a the real thing with 2 mags, a fake and a hidden one in the near the trigger, that would work fine, you just have to blend it in with the gun, and have it removeable

    Or make a firing pin on the stock. Just drill a hole on your shulder and you have room to fin the pin in... Yea maybe that wouldn't work.

    than what would be the point of the stock, and you dont have to drill, you could just turn an orange con side way and put the ram in there or have four orange cons and two metallic tan clips without the lock and put the ram in the middle

    hey do you have any other pics of the mp5k?because i might try and build it from the pics if you have like 1-2 internal pics.

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    Sorry, I don't. I can give you some high-res pics if you want though, you can probably see all of the detail in them if you put it to full size. Also, if you need help or are confused with part of it I can help you. Let me know if you are still interested :)