My Halloween Costume From 2011

About: Bassist/Guitarist/Vocalist with a DIY Punk Rock attitude.
This is my Great Pumpkin Halloween Costume From 2011. It's made up of a bamboo T-Shaped  frame with plastic trash-bags covering it. The arms are bamboo poles covered again in tattered trash-bags and the hands are (troll) gloves my neighbor lent me. The head is a foam Jack-O-Lantern I touched up with some bright orange paint, (Since it was faded) and then misted/ distressed it with black paint. i sprayed the inside of the head black, so the ugly yellow color of the foam wasn't visible. To walk around with it, i put on an old book-bag and attached the pole to it with a lot of duct tape. I wanted to move the arms, so i strapped the arms to an old long sleeve shirt with a lot more duct tape. (Sorry u see the tape on the sleeve and neck, that is reflective tape so cars can see me. This picture was taken a day after Halloween, and it got a bit abused from tripping with it, hitting trees with it, and getting hit with costume props from scared little kids.) 



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