My Halloween Mausoleum and Crank Ghost




For Halloween I created a crank ghost, operated by a small motor with wireframe arms and cheese cloth draping spray painted flourescent blue so that it glows under a black light. She is housed inside a custom built 10-foot tall mausoleum made from plywood and painted gray.

The ghost is operated by a small motor above her head with strings (painted black to look invisible) that act as a pulley system to raise and lower her arms. Her head is made from a styrofoam head form, while her arms are simply metal coat hangers with attached cardboard at the ends for the hands. The painted cheese cloth was draped (and glued with spray glue) on top to give her a flowing look. She is illuminated by black lights on either side.



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    3 years ago

    Looks pretty good. would be helpful to have more info on how to make the crank ghost. perhaps some pics of the way the motor and such is setup. Also if you took any video of it in action and say posted to youtube, perhaps a link to the video could be added.