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Introduction: My Hand Forged Viking Style Knives

About: Hi. My name is Caleb. I am a guy who likes to make things. My all time favorite thing to do is blacksmithing, and knife making. I also enjoy wood working, beekeeping. I like making things the old fashion way...

I thought I would share some Pictures of my favorite thing to blacksmith. I like these knives because they are balanced and they are a great all around knife to work with. All of these knifes have been hand forged by me. They are made from 1/2 by 1/2 square stock, that I flatten and draw out into the shape of the knife.

Each one has file work that I did on the spine of the knife. And have a spring handle, a cool thing about these knives is if you throw them and the stick in the target they ring. Yes they ring like a bell, I did not know I did it until I looked closer but each knife has been hardened, so that the handle acts as a tuning fork would.

I hope to show how I make these in detail some time soon.

Thank you for taking a look.




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Thank you! I hope they turn out for you. I have had good luck with leaf springs, or if you want a thinner blade you can try to fine some old saw mill blades.

Awesome! I'll have to try and make these. I just have to find some high carbon steel.

disregard I didn't see the forging picture.

what material are you using when you make these, and are you using coke or propane?

These are really great looking knives. I wish you included more step by step instructions to show how you made them.

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