My Heart Is Yours




This is a customizable hand-made fabric heart necklace that can be given to a special someone :)

Things you need:
-Old jewelry or chains
-Needle + Thread
-Paper + Marker
-love :), kinda

Step 1: Draw a Pattern

Draw out exactly how you want your heart to look like. Then cut the pattern out, making sure there is at least 2 cm of border.

Step 2: Pin Pattern and Cut Fabric

Pin Pattern over 2 layers of fabric for the back and front. If your fabric is one-sided, make sure the "pretty side" is facing inwards. Then cut around the pattern.

Step 3: Pin Fabric Together and Do a Double Running Stitch

Pin the fabric to itself and then start a running stitch around the heart, 2 cm inside away from edge. Make sure you leave a segment undone so that the heart can still be turned inside out.

Step 4: Turn Inside Out and Stuff

Turn it inside out and tuck in the extra fabric. Next stuff it. More for a more "lovable" heart and less for a more "chic and sleek" heart.

Step 5: Sew Up the Hole and Decorate

Now stitch up the hole. You have the choice of a border at this point. Now add any other designs that you wanted, like the extra heart in the center, or maybe someone's initials

Step 6: Compile Different Segments of Jewelry and Connect.

Mix up a pattern of different chains and necklaces, the older the more interesting. Then add a ring to the heart itself, in the center or off to the side for an interesting tilt. MAKE SURE THE RING IS AROUND THE NECKLACE BEFORE YOU CLOSE IT OFF! And now you have a gorgeous present :)



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    2 Discussions

    Really like how you combined different pieces of jewellery to make the chain. Great textures-multidimentional and all that good stuff. Please show us more. Well done. Can't wait to see your next creation.