My Home Made Dremel or Rotary Tool

Introduction: My Home Made Dremel or Rotary Tool

About: thank you sunshiine for supporting me : ) i am mahmoud , i live in Egypt , i like to inventing new things form junk and old toys and

   This is my second able about making pcb drill , sander  , dremel...etc , after my Frist one .

Here is the things that i used to make this dremel :

-6v Motor
-push switch
-9v battery clip 
-sand paper and hotglue  for making the heads 
- that metal piece (found it )

The best thing is it can drill and sand the pcb so fast .



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    I think he did said means Printed Circuited Board....the dark brown board which he used to demonstrate the tool..

    I give you an idea: if you put English captions to the video, those like me who can read English but don't understand when listen it, we would understand much better what you say. You can earn thousands of spectators, we are many millions around the world.

    Even an abstract, one or two words in the main moments, could help us.

    thanks for your support , i really appreciate that ,and i will make captions as soon as i can , and one more time really thanks for support