My Homemade All in One PC

Introduction: My Homemade All in One PC

This is my homemade ALL IN ONE PC. The case made from plastic box painted in black and mounted in the rear monitor with 4 screws. and power supply as well as for foot.

Specification :
Intel Pentium DualCore @1,8MHz
2GB of RAM
160GB Hardisk
16 Inch Monitor widescreen (Philips 160E)
No DVD write/CDROM
built in Speaker (mini speaker with mini amplifier 5 volt from USB)



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    4 Discussions's Intel Pentium DualCore @1,8MHz....
    but it's enough for my work in internet cafe...

    same as me. I do not really like to use the laptop. but I like my computer more streamlined and easy to move

    Cool! I regret buying my all in one because of the slim motherbord and case I cant really swap out any hardware, so in that sense this thing has a leg up on store bought all in ones :P