My Homemade Plywood Table Saw


Introduction: My Homemade Plywood Table Saw

About: I really like woodworking and Metalwork. I like to build just about anything that pops into my head. I like making Jigs that makes jobs easier and saves time.. I have a few videos on My Youtube Channel but...

This was made because the motor in my main table saw had broken.

I used the original metal casing from the saw and built a Plywood and MDF case over it. This made it very strong and stable. I then used a circular saw as the main motor/saw mounted from underneath. It was mounted using Stainless steel countersunk allen screws and nuts using liquid thread lock as I have a second skill saw there was no need for me to take this one out of the table for other jobs.

There is also an NVR switch to mount to the table to. I finished it with a good sanding using my orbital sander and three coats of clear quick dry varnish and this makes the surface really nice when sliding the wood through the saw. I don't have any pics of the saw from the inside but I will take some more pics soon and add them here. At the moment if I need to change the height of the blade I just tilt the table backwards and up then unlock the knob on the height guide and adjust. I am working on a new system for this so then I don't have to tilt the table at all . This saw performs very well and I have done a lot of work with it. I don't worry about not having a mitre guide on the table as I use my router table or compound saw for all my angle cuts I need. There is also a metal wing I have added. It was from the original saw so now it gives me better cutting widths.

Just added this part..... I missed it out... The Circular saw was used as a complete saw and the fence was the Original one from the main saw. sorry about this and thank you to skepticaljay & chanman1103 For pointing this out. Much Appreciated Guys .

Step 1: Other Pics of the Saw

Just a few other pics to show the saw. I will add more pics soon.

Step 2: Added Left Wing Extension

This is when I added A extension to the table. I used one of the original wings from the old table. Sitting next to my homemade router table...



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nice job on the tablesaw.

it's funny. I was just thinking about doing this myself. did you use an old circular saw for the motor and blade?

3 replies

Hi chanman1103

Yes I used the complete circular saw and blade. Sorry I should have mentioned this

another excellent build. im trying to kitbash 2 tablesaws into 1 good one. this may be a better solution

BSGMutha. Thank you Mate

I'm Glad I could help some how. I hope you solve your saw table Build Good Luck and Keep me informed on how you do I would like to see what you come up with...

pretty neat but it would be nice if you went into a little more detail. especially on how the fence was made and mounted.

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Sorry skepticaljay

I should have also mentioned that the fence was off the original table to. It was just measured up and leveled then screwed into the front of the table .