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Introduction: My Kitties' Litter Box

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I got tired of so much litter on my floor from the litter box. After much research, this is the one I decided to make. I added stickers to mine to make it much prettier! Hope you enjoy!!!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:



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    do your cats use this? I've only had 2 kittens for about 3-4 months and have been trying to figure out this damn litter mess I have... lol

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    PS I think kitties find litter box by smell if move location of litter box they have used before. But back when I made cat doors for kitties to go outdoors by themselves, I had my son help me push kitties out and back in a few times so they could learn how to push door open with nose or paw. With litter box can push them into hole a few times. PSS. Siamese cats can get an attitude and pay you back somehow! Lol! Too smart and memory like elephant. Also some cats resent having litter arrangement changed or moved.

    Thanks for Posting!

    A couple years ago I did same thing. But cut square in corner of one side (six inches up) and hung a curtain. Because my kitty was older. Really managed smell! Also helped with litter tracking. Wish I could have put it on to0 like yours! Next time I need to think of stairs to the top. But curtain on side made big difference with smell. I used Gorilla duct tape. Any better ideas for curtains on side? Or attaching cover with top opening?

    This is a good idea, did it take long for your kitty to get adjusted to the new box. I am sweeping the floor every day, bet it also keeps out the smell than being open. thank you for the tip, I will surely try this

    What? How did they find their way in it in the first place. I know that even a tiger would use a litter box, but how come if it's not clearly visible, I don't know, I'm confused. Should I try it?

    The 2 Siamese I have stickers drive them nuts. They will bite and claw at any sticker they can get to until its gone. The evil arse I am put a sticker on the inside of a plastic (empty peanut butter) jar, they will go at that thing for hours.