My Knex ACR Model V2




Introduction: My Knex ACR Model V2

About: my top 5. 5.ajleece 4.Knex builder freak 3.The Jamalam 2.Barrax 1.YOU!

here is my redone ACR model and i have even made a new red dot sight with a real dot !!



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    if you make instructions i'll try to make a working chamber/barrel and a working mag so that the gun will actually be able to shoot.

     you should add instructions for the red dot sight.  Im trying to build the red dot sight but im having troubles with the back part. plz make instructions : !

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    I mean, a REAL red dot sight. not like a piece of k'nex stuck out to resemble a dot. really simple, all you need is tape, sharpie and k'nex

    yeah i know mine doesnt come close to barrax's but mine is being judged on the grounds of a 'model' not a firing gun.

    I like the connection pattern that you made on the grip and the sight rail. Make the handle thinner.