My Knex Assault Rifle

About: My main field of work is knex. I work to innovate and create things people just haven't thought to make. My secondary field of work is aquariums.

Intro: My Knex Assault Rifle

This is my first knex assault rifle. It is fairly accurate, not too powerful and it looks pretty cool. Features include a fore grip, Stock (Hollow but very sturdy), T-bolt pull, internal hidden magazine, comfortable grip and rail system. This rifle can shoot many kinds of bullets but I used blue rods. Remember this is my first assault rifle so only constructive criticism is appreciated.  



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    3 years ago


    Well, I guess its alright, but it could use some work. First of, you need a mag, it does not have to be removable, but you need a mag of some sort. Secondly, if your not gonna have a mag, make the gun only three layers. Lastly, its not a "T-bolt pull" its a T cock handle...