My Knex Crossbow




Introduction: My Knex Crossbow

This is a slide show of my bow gun that I only spent a day making. It can fire over 100 feet!!! It has really good power. It can fire straight through a metal party plate!!!



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    i had a very simaler idea for my crossbow that i made

    If you want stability and power, check out this crossbow:

    How old are you, like 7? Anyway, it's physically impossible for the gun to shoot over 30 ft, there is no way that the rails of the gun can support the power of the elastic bands, you would need a powerful trigger along with an extremely stable body just to be able to reach even 50 ft. If you can post a video proving that it can shoot 160 feet, that would help, otherwise, don't make up such nonsense. Lieing doesn't get you anywhere.

    look my weapon , i could be a crossbow , bud rifle is better ;) my rufle shoot's around the 160 feet . maby more with good rubberbands ;) check him out !

    yeah it is but it was one of my very first knex weapons. I was expirementing on different ways and stuff

    By the look of this, you should have spent like 3 times that much time. Needs a better handle Could have something creative like a scope Needs to be called a Crossbow, because that is what a 'bow gun' is Needs to have less *copying of dsmans crossbow 'barrel'* Needs a better bow section of the crossbow