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Hi this is my knex collection. My first set was from the 4x speeders and that was the red version that number was 10311. Have you also a big/Little collection? would you send a picture in the comments becouse i am very curious.

Step 1: The Inside of the Boxes

These pictures let see the inside of the boxes and a little fact. since 2010 i started with knex. I had a little set and a box that was actually from my brother. But he don't like knex so i get it from him. The set was a 20 model building set and was number 12034.



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    2 years ago

    Hi ThijsL1,

    Nice to share your K'NEX collection, although I'm not sure is the right place to do that. There's a forum dedicated to everything K'NEX called KnexFlux ('nex-parts/msg500/#msg500 )

    so perhaps you'd want to join us there :)