My Knex SARBG Semi Auto Rubber Band Gun

This is my knex SARBG or otherwise known as the semi auto rubber band gun, or SARBR for semi auto rubber band RIFLE.

Step 1: The Trigger

This ratchet trigger is widely used among a lot of rbgs. It is simple and can basically be made into any shape of a gun. This one can hold about five bands and is pretty darn powerful.

Step 2: The Magazine (for Looks)

The fake magazine is pretty self explanatory. It's just for looks and can be any shape.

Step 3: The Muzzle/band Resting Piece

This is where the bands are shot from. One end of the band goes here, and the other end on a notch on the ratchet.

Step 4: The Stock

The stock is the thing that you put in your shoulder. This in my eyes looks pretty cool.

Step 5: The Handle

My handle is pretty blocky but somewhat comfortable. It's not like a pillow but not like a rock either.

Step 6: Summary

So that's basically all the parts so you might be able to use these close ups to build the different parts and possibly make your own kinds of guns. Hope you enjoyed my review of my gun!



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    Looking back at your old ibles, I can definitely see an improvement In the build quality! :)


    2 years ago

    Looks cool to me! Thanks for sharing your gun :)