My Lack of a Bedroom

Introduction: My Lack of a Bedroom

This is my current bedroom. I recently lost my job as a teacher and moved 1,100 miles away for the hopes of a new job. Haven't gotten that job yet, but I am working hard to get one!  Due to finances I could only bring what fit in my car, this being, my two dogs, their kennels, an air mattress with a few pillows and blankets, and some clothes. I did also put my IKEA TV stand in my car (after taking it apart), because I love it so much and did not want to leave it behind. It went back together just as easily!

My apartment is lovely and has a lot of potential. I could really use a bedroom makeover from IKEA to reach this potential. Without this makeover I will have to wait a long time just to get a new bed. I have browsed through IKEA a few times and love the displays! I really want one of the lower bed frames. I would love to be able to go back into IKEA and visit the bedroom displays and say, "I'll take that display please!" And then hopefully one day go back and buy a display for my living room as well!

The dogs may look happy in the picture, but they would appreciate a bigger bed as well! We just don't all fit on the air mattress!

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    4 years ago

    I think u will do great good luck and try hard


    6 years ago

    I like it I would just not want to sleep on an air mattress and why did you lose your job you seem nice