My Laser Cut


Introduction: My Laser Cut

I am making a laser cut image to reflect who I am. It represents whatever we feel we are. I will show you the steps of how to create this kind of image using Adobe Photoshop.

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Step 1: Getting the Backround

Using photoshop, I decided on using the Canadian flag as my background for this project. It is large and you can fit many things in it. It also represents my culture and who I am.

Step 2: Elaboration

I decided on adding the Edmonton Oilers logo, the Manchester United crest, and the letters "YEG" to my laser cut project. One represents my hometown hockey team, the other is my favorite football team which I am very passionate about. The letters "YEG" are the Edmonton International Airports airport code. I decided on the colour scheme as well. As I will be laser cutting with a red background, I decided that white stays, red is etched (making it a white shade), and black is cut out.

Step 3: Finishing It Off

I felt like what I previously had was not enough to represent my full self. I coloured it with Photoshop and correctly corresponded the colours with what needed to stay, go, and be etched. I included the Illuminati Triangle just for the laughs. I then included Zlatan Ibrahimović's Manchester United jersey because he is a legend and always will be in my heart.

Step 4: Complete Draft

I coloured the illuminati triangle and made sure everything was lined up nicely. I checked to make sure nothing would fall, or not work. I am very pleased with my work and cannot wait to see how it comes up after the laser cut is complete.

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