My Little Workshop/Utility Room/Cathouse.

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I got the phone call today telling me that my long awaited shoulder surgery is going to take place in just over three weeks.
It will be the third crack at fixing an old injury & judging by past experience I won't be doing any sawing or hammering for a few months afterwards so all those little jobs that didn't seem so urgent just got moved onto the high priority list.
Having been a bit busy with other things for the last week or two I decided the workshop needed a good tidy first so it seemed like a good opportunity to take a few pictures & enter my first competition.
The room is a little over six feet wide by nine feet long with an under stairs area about three feet deep by two & a half feet wide.
Along with my tools it also contains a larder fridge, microwave, tumble dryer & freezer & is the favorite sleeping place for our two cats Pixie & 'ible.
In the winter it also tends to get washing hung out to dry so all in all it is not exactly the best workshop I ever had, that being said it beats the hell out of the gazebo I was using a couple of years ago.
The whole thing is a bit makeshift at the moment but I hope to gradually upgrade it all over the next year or so starting with a bigger better bench then replacing & upgrading the tools from some of the budget ones I have at the moment.

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    Nostalgic GuyRangerJ

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It works out I have a useable standing space of around 50" x 22", I have found plenty of 'ibles I want to incorporate when I re-organize over the winter not least of which are these, your dirt separator may also be included as I really need to reduce the amont of sawdust getting walked through to the house before I have a revolt on my hands from the better half ;-)
    We are planning to build a outside utility room so with luck the freezer, fridge & dryer will be moving out leaving me with the whole room all to myself, still not big compared to some but a great improvement.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love looking at other people's helps generate ideas! Thanks for this one!!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I do, too. When I was waiting for my shed building to be delivered, I spent a lot of tme on Instructables, to see how other people did things.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I really like the idea of hanging a "bucket buddy" on the wall rather than on a bucket. I mean, buckets have their place, and the bucket apron is a great invention, but hanging it up is a brilliant innovation.

    Also, I have decided that if your shop *looks* like a hardware store you are less likely to have to *go* to the hardware store quite as often, despite the fact that my wife keeps telling me that shops are there to store things for you so that you don't have to buy everything you ever need, ever, just what you need at the moment. I think that sounds like a bunch of ridiculous garbage, personally, but I'm a pack rat.

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    Thanks, I have always been a great lover of making the most of the sapce available to me.
    In a workshop I like to have everything in easy reach so things only really get put into drawers or cupboards if they either can't be hung up or I don't have a space to hang it.
    I am also a great beliver in getting things up off the floor as much as possible & as rooms tend to have at least three times as much wall space as they do floor space it seems natural to me to use it up.
    If I could fit one in I would have a ceiling hanger too but I don't really have space to do it just yet.