My Living Room Needs Your Help!

Introduction: My Living Room Needs Your Help!

I need a place to mount a flat screen and and an amazing couch so I can sit in comfort while I watch TV. I Also need a light because at night I can't see a thing in that room. Also, as you can see I need a way to organize things with cabinets and shelves. Please help my pigsty of a living room become an amazing place to hang out for my whole family!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    There is a website I've used in the past ( to acquire couches and such. Who knows, you may be lucky. It's free to sign up and you can join as many of your local groups as you wish...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Start by making the flat screen and couch your goal, it gives you something to work towards. At the end you know you want room for your couch and a place for your tv - and an organised space to relax in =)

    Now the boring bits:
    - Go through the room bit by bit and start making lots of lovely piles!
    The basic piles you want are throw away, give away (yard sale/charity whatever), things that belong somewhere else in the house (later you might want to split this pile into different rooms but for now one pile is fine), things that need to be sorted in that room.
    This is going to take time but once it is sorted you will be able to keep it that way and I have proof! My room was dreadful, it took me months to sort it but now everything has its place and it takes 5 minutes to tidy =D

    Bag up the trash pile and move it out of the room to where it should go, box up the give away stuff and put it somewhere safe until you decide what to do with it, everything that belongs in another room - go put it away! Now you should be left with a bare room and a pile of "stuff" in the middle.

    Tidy around the pile of stuff so you have a clean and tidy "blank canvas". Then you can start sorting out what has to go where in the room. If you have a lot of books you'll need a bookshelf etc. It's all common sense but sometimes you need to take a step back to see it! If you have a lot of stuff belonging to different people in the room that has to be in that room have you thought about shelves or baskets/boxes for each person? Their stuff can be kept tidily in their space.

    Once you've sorted the piles, worked out what you need, got what you need and started putting things away you should find you'll have a lot more space than you did! With your organising don't think that a box with a lid is amazing because you can hide the clutter... A box with a lid is harder to get into so you might find things don't go into it... Work out as a family what should go where so everyone knows; then when someone wants something the room doesn't get turned upside down while they look for it and things have a proper place to go back to.

    Once everything is tidy and organised you will have worked so hard that you will really feel deserving of a new couch and TV! Get the family involved as the hard work will be a motivator at keeping it tidy! Think about the problems you have in the room and find ways of sorting them! If you always have lots of dirty washing in the room get a washbasket for them all to go into. It is so much hard work but once it's done it feel goooooooood!

    Hope this helped in some way and sorry about the length... =D Good luck!!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much helped alot still need new couch :P My cats and kids keep ripping the pillows and such.