My Nerf Mod

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This is my Longshot mod. I am happy to say that this is my First nerf mod, literally. This is what I did to it.
I removed the handle for easy access to fix the gun, and gave it an paint job, Arctic Frost was the paint job I was going for. I removed the bi-pod and replaced it with a pistol cocker... I think thats the term. Anyway, need feedback, criticism and advice. Thanks,




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    2 years ago

    long shot mods ar normally awesome because of the giant plunger tube

    genetic inception

    3 years ago

    the gun concept looks pretty solid, you need to name your gun?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    my friend and i mod nerf guns and i have a golden recon. we did sand it and the paint chipped anyway btw nitefinders are the easiest gun to mod and they are really good i shot mine 110 feet nice idea

    I just got a roll of duct tape, Some spray paint and a screwdriver!
    No sadly the pump does not work :(
    Thanks for the five stars!

    sanding just helps the paint stay better, I painted my longstrike didn't sand it but did 4 coats of paint and it will not chip scratch whatever...nice gun dude


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, the glossy coating nerf puts on their blasters keeps paint from sticking well. So you need more coats, and some of the original color will still be visible.

    The best way I know to paint a blaster white is, strangely enough, to paint it black.

    Here's how I do it:
    1. Sand the shell starting with medium grit and finishing with fine grit (to get rid of any deep gouges left by the medium grit).

    2. Paint it black. White paint doesn't cover all the bright blues, yellows, and oranges very well. Black paint will cover them all in one or two coats.

    3. Paint it white. The black paint gives you a neutral canvas to work with, so you need fewer coats of white, and get more even coverage.

    Also, don't forget to cover bits that shouldn't be painted (like screw posts or pieces on the shell that need to move freely, like the backside of priming handles)with blue tape. I neglected this step on my Sharp Shot, and had a heck of time getting it back together.

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