My Loom Creations!

Introduction: My Loom Creations!

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Hey everyone! I'm just going to show you a few of my loom charms. Some of them are charms that have instructables on them, but some are open for request! So if you have any suggestions and/or requests, leave them! Oh, and by the way, this is not really an instructables! Sorry=)

Step 1: My Bracelets

Here are some of my bracelets:
•PICTURE ONE: Heart Bracelet
-I made this one off of an awesome 'ible!
•PICTURE TWO: Bead Bracelet
-I also made this one off of an instructable.
•PICTURE THREE: Inverted Fishtail
-This is a well known bracelet, and I have an instructable on it!
•PICTURE FOUR: Caterpillar Bracelet
-I made this super cute bracelet off of an 'ible.
•PICTURE FIVE: American Flag Bracelet
-I made this on my friend's Super Crazy Loom, but I have found a new way to make it with one loom!

Step 2: Ellie the Elephant Charm

This is Ellie. She's an elephant. Anyways, I have a YouTube channel called Loom Piggy, so this is where I made a video for it and it's on my video page. If you want to look at it, go to YouTube, then type in Loom Piggy, and then go to the channel filter. My videos are horrible, so if you see them and want an 'ible on anything, let me know!

Step 3: Headphones Charm

This is a really cute charm that I have an 'ible on, so if you want to make this, loom for it on my profile=)

Step 4: FROZEN!

It's everyone's favorite family movie! FROZEN! I love Frozen, so I made a super cute Olaf charm (tutorial will be coming out soon;D) and Elsa! These are both my "attempted creations", and they have not been "Instructablized" yet, so they're open for request!

Step 5: Bow Charm

This is my bow charm thingy, and I have an 'ible on it, so take a looksy!

Step 6: Skeleton Hand... OOOO!

This is a totally awesome accessory! I have made an instructable on it, so check that out! I have made multiple of them because my bands have been getting larger, so I have like three of those=)

Step 7: Donuts! Yummy!

I made this off of a YouTube video by Made by Mommy. She's so awesome! It's quite simple, so if you need a tutorial on this, it's open for request!

Step 8: Thanks for Viewing! Leave Requests in the Comment Box!

Thank you all so much for taking a look at my loom collection! Remember to leave requests for anything you saw and enjoy the rest of your day! Happiness to all! =)



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    20 Discussions

    OMG I love them!! The elephant is adorbs! Have you posted an 'ible on Ellie? If not can you?? Thanks

    Hi loompiggytutorials! I've made lots of loom charms with the help of your instructables! They're really nice and the steps are very well detailed and the pictures are very nice (and clear)! I have a request,could you post an 'ible on how to make a dog loom charm? And I liked your elephant loom charm so could you also post an 'ible of that? Thanks!

    Can you tell me your YouTube channel

    These are all so great Ali! & I will totally check out your YouTube Channel!! And Where do you get all of those different color/type of looms?? I better start saving up my $ so I can make all of these!

    2 replies

    Yeah I know what michaels is! :) I will try to go there this break! Cause most likely my grandma will ask me what I want fr Christmas so I will have the oppritunity to go! And thanks for the link Ali!
    - Gabi

    Your videos are not so bad

    Can you make me ellie the elephant please!

    Could you make Webkins charm could it be a Cocker spaniel???

    can you make the tutorial for queen elsa? :-)


    3 years ago

    I'll check out your youtube page.dpnt forget to check out my new part two charm collection. I am publishing it today 11:00 pm August. 21


    3 years ago

    I just made the Elsa charm a couple days ago

    Love to see the Olaf charm!!

    These are great. You should link your videos or embed them to this ible.

    1 reply

    Oh, I made some videos but I need some help figuring out how to embed one using a link! And would I be able to do it on my phone? That's what I use for my instructables.

    can't wait for an Olaf charm ;p :D