My Machine _ Play New Games on the Playground

About: I'm a Industrial Product Design student at Howest (Kortrijk). Enjoy my projects and have lots of pleasure making them!

This is a project to show how our machine is going to work.

It is a part in a big process to use the idea of a 11 year old girl and make it reality.

This machine can give a 100 games to children (primary school) to play on the playground.

Like this they never get bored and learn each day a new game. And it is possible to choose the difficulty.

Check out the little movie, this shows you how it works.

Step 1: How Will We Work + What We Need

1: The body (step 2-7 )

2: The head (step 8)

3: Putting the head on the body (step 9)

4: Decorations (step 10)

We will need:

  • 2 big mdf plates of 2 to 1 m (5mm)
  • screws (a lot of them)
  • big aluminum tube (diameter 50 cm)
  • aluminum tape
  • grey paint
  • 6 hinges
  • 2 handles
  • 2 little wheels
  • 4 beams of wood (4cm by 4 cm)
  • acrilic
  • L-irons
  • small ball
  • lasercutter
  • disco-lights
  • jigsaw
  • sandpaper
  • drill

Step 2: THE BODY: Intern Structure

The first picture shows you the parts you will need. The other 2 give guidens to my explenation.

  • Take the 1.2 pieces and the 1.4 wooden beams
  • Secure on each plate 4 wooden beams in a square. It should fit perfectly. (A)
  • use screws to secure them but drill a little hole first to avoid splinters from the wood.
  • Put one plate with beams to the side (we will use this again in step?)
  • Use the other one to build the structure on. (this plate is the bottom one)
  • Take pieces 1.5 and put them vertically on each corner of the bottom plate (beams up) (B)

This part is done

Step 3: THE BODY: Cut Out Doors and Sack

  • We use the 1.1 pieces.
  • On the drawings you see where to cut out the doors on 1.1.2
  • And for the little sack on 1.1.1
  • Drill a hole and then cut everything with the jigsaw.
  • When you cut them out, sandpaper everything (to clean it up a bit)

Step 4: THE BODY: Feet

  • Use an extra piece of wood to cut out the feet.
  • On the picture you see a shape that we made.
  • Cut it out with a jigsaw and sandpaper it.

Step 5: THE BODY: Top Plate

  • Take back the plate we put aside.
  • Drill a hole of +/- 51 cm. (First drill a small hole and then jigsaw the big circle)
  • Take the big tube. We need to secure this on the top plate.
  • Make a box like I show you in picture C.
  • Now just slide the tube over the box and screw it with little screws on 2 corners. Like this the tube can’t get loose.
  • Slide the top plate over the tube and turn it around. The bigger part of the box stops the tube from falling out

  • To make sure it doesn’t fall through when we put it the right way confirm plates under the bigger part of the box. Picture D shows how it looks like.

Step 6: THE BODY: Paint and Tape

  • Paint every piece of 1: The doors, plates 1.1 (one side), feet, top plate, pieces 1.3.
  • Tape the sides of the doors. Do this with shiny aluminum tape.
  • And the sides of the feet

Step 7: THE BODY: Put Everything Together

  • Now we attach the 1.1 plates on the inside structure.
  • We do that by placing a row of black screws to enhance the machine feeling
  • When the 3 1.1 plates are on the body we can do the back side.
  • Use the 1.3 pieces. Put one on top and one on the bottom. Like this there is a space where we can crawl into the machine.
  • Use the hinges to secure the doors to the sides. (2 for big door, 1 small door)
  • Screw the handles on the upper back plate and the wheels on the lower back plate (like this you can move easily around with the machine)
  • Now slide the top plate on the machine it should fit perfectly.

We have our body

Step 8: THE HEAD

  • Use 2.1 to make 2 squares like you did on the bottom and top plate (but without the plates)
  • Secure them by using L-irons
  • Now put the 2.2 beams on top of each corner of one square you made.
  • And then secure the other square on top of those four beams.
  • Paint this head

We have our head.


  • Make 4 holes in the big tube
  • Put 2 long aluminium tubes through them
  • Let the head rest on those 2 tubes and secure them with glue (2 components)


  • A file to laser cut the gears in the head (we did them with acrylic in all sorts of colours)
  • The file to laser cut the bow
  • We used 3 dog-toy’s to represent our buttons (there you choose de difficultness of the game)
  • A piece of fabric for the little sack
  • Lamps that show you when the playtime is over. You just tape it on the big tube.
  • Hang the gears random in the head with fishing rod.
  • Make some eyes, a nose and a mouth and hang them on the right places
  • Cut a small ball in two and tape them on the feet.

Like this the Machine is complete



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