My Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: My Makeup Tutorial

About: Hey I'm Beth! I'm 15 and I have a bad addiction for makeup! I'm going to be training next year to become a professional makeup artist! I have self taught myself to wear makeup and I have relied on youtube a...

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Step 1: Fake Tanning

The secret for the perfect fake tan is to exfoliate!

Exfoliating will remove any dead skin cells giving your skin a smoother look and feel ! And will prevent a patchy tan !

After exfoliating apply moisturiser to keep your skin soft I used my simple hydrating moisturiser !

When it has dried apply your fake tan no matter what it is from a spray to a mousse to a
cream always apply and thin layer and build up the coverage to avoid a streaky tan , I used my Clarins cream !

Step 2: Face Makeup

I used my mac studio sculpt mixed in with my Lancôme to give me the right shade!

I applied it on my face using my real techniques stipple brush!

The using my beauty blender I applied a light concealer under my eyes and in the centre of my forehead and on the bridge of my nose and my Cupid's bow above my lip to highlight!

I then applied a darker shade matte powder to my temples and around the side of my face to give it a sort of contoured look !

I then Contoured my face using my sleek contour face form palette I took the matte bronze shade and applied at the top of my cheeks bones , around my temples , under my chin and with a slanted brush I applied a subtle amount down the bridge of my nose to make it appear smaller!

I then blended this using my previous powder brush I made sure the nose line was blended well!

I the took a pink colour to being my skin back to life I applied this lighting to the apples only cheeks and the temples !

Step 3: Eye Makeup

I used my mua palette to give a subtle smokey eye I used my matte palette !

So taking a cream colour I applied this all over my eyelid !
Then for the crease of my eye I took a light brown and applied in a sweeping motion in the crease of my eye

I then took a darker brown and applied this half way through my crease from the outer corner of my eye to the middle of my eye

I then repeated these steps with a darker brown every time further and further away from the inner corner of my eye where I ended up just sweeping in the outer corner of my eye

I then lined my eyes and applied coats of mascara I used my Chanel and manga lashes by loreal !

Step 4: Lips!

I lined my lips with a beauty uk lip pencil in the shade dusty rose!

I then applied the mac please me lipstick!

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    5 years ago

    Thankyou Michael I will post more today!

    Michael C
    Michael C

    5 years ago

    Great job creating your first Instructable. Try and post more photos as they progress so we can see how the process evolves.

    I think it awesome to see more young authors posting.


    5 years ago

    and why does she even need to wear makeup in the first place?