My Man Cave Needs Work

Introduction: My Man Cave Needs Work

Joking, don't get out. i just thought it was a funny clip :) So my room has been under change for years since I moved into it. Three years ago i inherited this room when my mom moved out, new and old furniture have gone through my door in parts and pieces and i have been unsatisfied with the result, still! Dresser, mirror, old computer desks, nightstand, adirondack chair, etc... all gone and replaced. DIY wooden bench, hardwood executive desk, 8 hook wall mounted coat rack... all in. My old closet....sanded spackled and painted recently.Take a look at the pictures and hear how I would like to change it all. i am no charity project i know.. but hopefully that isn't what this contest is about.
so as far as my office area goes... this is my second desk and it is heavier than having the weight of the world on your shoulders. no but seriously.. it weighs a ton. bought a new custom build computer.. made a monitor stand. i have it all worked out but i could greatly use a cleaner more simple and less clustered feeling. it is a waste of space and i would love for something more efficient and suitable for my available space. my computer chair wont fit under my desk and it is a hassle. the arms wrests are all torn up from rubbing against the desks edges and my chair has lost all comfort it had 5 years ago. my shades dont work all to well. they are uneven and drawstring is broken so i tied twine to it and it just isn't the same.
I recently redid my closet. I spackled and sanded it all and repainted it a semi -gloss white. not important but i am dying to create a new form of organization for myself. I would like wooden shelves allowing everything to have its own distinct space. i tore out all the shelving i had because it was of no use to me in the location it was in. the only issue is i have nothing supporting the left end of my closet rod so i have to cluster it all to the right side. no bracket will work because my dad built by himself. this side of my closet is for clothes/apparel. the key is organization and flow.
this is my biggest to do project of my whole room. i have plans to put a flat screen tv in here and wire the cable cable through the floor or around my room. currently its behind my desk. i put a junk desk in there and put a blanket it on it to make it more aesthetically pleasing. the goal is for this to be the entertainment end of my closest. i need cash i dont have to make this work. i will put my ps3 and the tv over here and i would like to add some pull out drawers for storage of odds and ends like games and controllers...etc... the printer will be side by side to the tv. the carpet is well it needs to change. i have hardwood floors under the carpet that i really want to incorporate into my new closet. my idea was/is to put a board of wood across the entire half of the closet and put storage underneath, tv on top. i would prefer legless support but i wont know how to do it in a way to safely support the weight of a large flat screen tv. IKEA has many eye catching options upon flipping through their catalog.
this is my 1 of my band page walls full of posters of various bands i like and or love. i dont own many things so i took a bench from out patio which was dormant for nearly a decade. it makes for great night stand and dirty clothes rack before i throw them into my hamper. in this space i could use a futon or something smaller that would be ideal but depending on the circumstances of other areas of my room it is up for question because this space is a in case i have the time and money space.
last but not least... sleep central. i need something more my age (20) and better suited for 2 people. IKEA has really really nice beds. i would like something with a more stylish headboard if one at all. the only change i want here is a new lease on sleeping. no more hard springs or bunching up cause my bed is too short. IKEA can make this happen for me.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I actually like the desk, because I like to spread out, so i'd just raise it if the chair going under it is an issue. I guess It's just personal preference though.
    As for the rest, I would go for a full bed if you are worried about space, a full long if you are like six feet tall. Put the bed turned the other way along the wall where the bench is and the tv above the chair next to the desk. Then get a good sheet and comforter set and a bunch of extra throw pillows, that way you can sit against the wall behind the bed and watch tv; plus, girls like pillows.
    Take down all the posters except for your few absolute favorite and frame those before putting them back up. If there are a whole bunch you can't live without but are not worthy of framing, do something creative with them like making a collage of them on the door.
    Change the blinds, or at least add curtains so they are not so plain, and get a rug to get some color and contrast in there. It looks so monotone in there right now.
    Lastly, it seems like you have a lack of good lighting, but the christmas light make it look more like a kids room, so ditch them and put in some stylish track lights or get some floor lamps.
    Hope some of that helps.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    how will raise it without taking it all apart again or lift the 2 ton desk.... i dont think so. im worried about space if i get a futon and a queen... not if i get a queen and seating smaller than a futon. its hard to put the tv there since i dont have one. the wall would be to the side of the bed... not behind. i dont how much money you have in your expense account but i cant afford to go out and buy "a good sheet and comforter set and a bunch of extra throw pillows". hence why i want to win this contest. and doesnt everyone like pillows? i have shades.. not blinds and this isnt a living room so curtains are out of the question. i said many time im looking for simple. if i wanted color id paint a rainbow on my walls or would have painted my closet something other than white. but i didnt. i have lighting in the shape of a 3 separate directional fixture on my ceiling. i prefer less light, almost like a the title says. x-mas is coming up. feel free to send me any item on your recommendation list except blinds and or curtains. would be greatly appreciated.. till then thanks anyways.