Reuse Old Flashlight As Tinder Container

Introduction: Reuse Old Flashlight As Tinder Container

What I used;

Pan with water, rinsed drink bottle (plastic), cotton balls, petroleum jelly, and an old flashlight casing (it should have o-rings to help keep water out).

Step 1: Make a Double Boiler

This will help you to melt the petroleum jelly into liquid form.

Remember to only use enough water to allow for liquefying the petroleum jelly. Too much and you'll float the bottle.

Step 2: Add the Cotton Balls

Ensure the petroleum jelly is liquefied, drop the cotton into the bottle, and use a plastic spoon or similar utensil to make sure the jelly fully soaks into the cotton. Remove the cotton, place in plastic back, and work the jelly into the cotton. Use caution, it will be warm.

Step 3: Containing the Cotton

Allow the cotton to cool. Take apart that old discount store counter top flashlight and stuff the cotton inside. Some of the cotton might run out of it as you compress it into the empty cylinder. Wipe it off when you're done. No biggie. Replace the cap and you're done.

Step 4: Project Complete

These little flashlights, in many cases, open at both ends. This makes retrieving your tinder easier. Otherwise you might have to dig the cotton out.

After a good wipe-down, stow it in the pack and you're ready to roll out. It produces a long lasting flame, giving you time to add kindling and fuel as needed.

Also, a word on safety. I struck the flame with my knife and firesteel. PAY ATTENTION or bleed! Thank you for your time.

Step 5:

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