My Mini Tazer (first Soldered Project)




Introduction: My Mini Tazer (first Soldered Project)

About: AKA Roborovski, and Cowscankill for several years. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad.

This is my mini tazer. Very cool and fun to mess with. I put the capacitor to show the discharge of the electricity. Without it, there is no exciting sparks, but it'll work. I used my dad's old soldering iron and it works quite fine, allowing me to make this tazer. Proud to say this is my first wired project that has been soldered together. Soldering is so easy to me now! I have 2 more camera circuits and some spare parts from an old one... Maybe I will make some more tazers of different types for friends etc.
Mini charge circuits taken from Coilgun Handgun Instructable (I love those guns!).



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    if you replace the capacitor and put a 0.68 400v mkp capacitor adn leaving the circuit on, touch the leads

    the capacitor i have is like 2 times bigger and it has a ''963'' written 3 times on one side.i got it from a camera with flash.i would like to know if there is any way to make a taser that can show the electricity arc like the thing from a lighter?

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    The thing from a lighter is called a piezo. It uses some type of crystal that i forgot the name of and squeezes then reales that produces electricity that i think is static if you take that out and shock yourself it wont hurt much. I hope you mean the ones in small electric lighters or candle lighters not barbq igniters. Also one thing that i can do and most  likley you too is shock spots on your body like hands and arms some places if you shock it shocks a nerve and makes limbs twitch. I can do it below my thumb to make my thumb twitch and my elbow to make my forearm twitch fun messing with nerves!

    LOL that is AWESOME lol i might make that but up the voltage a bit ...(evil laugh) ... :) and its kinda like an eco friendly tazer because all you do is charge the capasitor lol and save the batteries energy i think ... anyway RIGHTEOUS

    even tho this is your first project using the soldering iron you seem to know quite a lot about electronics. Did you just teach yourself about elctronics or did your father or somebody else teach you?

    My dad started teaching me as well as my brothers about electronics when i was 4. just a thought. ........................    Great tazer i might makek one! ;)

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    Thanks! I taught myself, but right now in school I am learning how to make circuits. Much easier now haha. I learned how to use resistors in parallel and series and also how to make a power budget....

    sweet! i wish i had just a little more knowledge in circuitry but sadly, sniff sniff... i am not as knowledgeable with electronics,but i get by. :)

    Good news! I might get another camera soon and post instructions for the mini tazer...
    I modified this one and put it in a tic tac container. Fun fun...

    hey dude sorry i have no audio and i was wondering..

    u make this out a camera?
    if not.. and if u have the schematic
    would u post it?

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    all another batery will do is make it charge faster.

    the circut is 1.5 by 1.5 cm. i found a rechargable li-po battery and used that. mine is 1.5 by 1.5 by 1.5 cool eh? 

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    duuude do you know anything about the componentes like value or something x_x i asked to plasmana but he didn't answer me x_xplz..