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About: I was pfred1 but moved, changed my email address, and lost my password. I suppose worse things could happen.

This is an image gallery of my garage where I enjoy working in metal, wood, and dabbling a bit in electronics as well.

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    reminds me of my shop, my daughter asked me own day how I got back to the workbench to which I replied-I know all the trails!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    AWESOME!!!! I am not going to look at the "cleaned up" is perfect as is. Looks like a well oiled machine compared to my space(s).

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. It is more of a mess now. I still love working in it though.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. The place is a mess now though. When it warms up, and I get the project I am working on it it done, maybe I can clean it up some?

    You can see an updated view in this article I posted to this site:

    This is new in the garage too since I posted this article:

    It is a garage project. I'm using it right now. Every workspace needs its beater PC now right?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Unfortunately I made that box years before I knew this website existed and I did not take any photographs during the course of construction either. It was my crude attempt to copy a toolbox like the one that sits next to it in the picture to the right. A Kennedy machinists chest.

    A couple details of my homemade toolbox came out OK but mostly it is a really tossed together project I have to say. So much so in fact that I do plan on making another one some day. Hopefully a better one too.

    When I do I'll try to take construction photographs of that one. Though my usual method of construction does not lend itself to pictorial documentation during the process. I honestly never know if I'll be photographing a total disaster or a completed success ahead of time. One of the beauties of wood is that it burns so well.

    Which is to say that a lot of my woodworking projects ultimate fate is going up in smoke! But this I can do, I have taken a couple other pictures of this box over the years and I can post them and put links to them here:

    I hope my humble box inspires you to give making one yourself a shot. It is fun to just try. I made mine all out of scrap wood I had lying around. Bits of left over plywood and some slats I pried off old shipping pallets. It is quite the hodgepodge project. But For shop junk I never care. I mean you can see I never even applied any finish to it.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I cut up steel, drilled holes in it, and bolted it all together. I sort of messed up on the one side of it, somehow I didn't take something into account and my table does not go even with the bracket on the left side. But in practice it has no effect on the operation of the unit. That and I never adjust the table other than simply leaving it at 90 degrees to the disc. Although when I wired it all up I made it reversible and that is a handy feature I do use.

    Being as you seem interested I'll upload another picture of it well really 2 pictures pasted together:

    I don't want you to think I have dueling disc sanders! Mostly I use it as a pencil sharpener. It is pretty good for that. Although I actually have a power pencil sharpener in my garage. I don't walk over to it very often. I like how the sander sharpens pencils better anyways.

    You may like these other projects as well if you are interested in my sander.

    Tool rests:


    Tablesaw fence:

    They're all similar scrap metal projects I have done. You might even see I use the same half inch bar stock in them. The uprights on the sander that hold up the table are made out of it for instance. Trickier to spot on the tablesaw fence. But a piece is made out of it there too!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    On the disc sander? It was in my grandfather's garage. He had it hooked up to this rough 2x4 and hinge deal. He was no electrician either let me tell you!

    The way I have it is about 1000% better. But I guess how he had it worked for him. If he was alive today I'm sure he'd be pretty happy with some of the improvements I've made. Happy? He'd be flabbergasted! Although I just recently semi-retired his table saw. I got a newer better one. Now I've relegated his to occasional cross cutting. I hate when I am in the middle of a project and have to move a setup to just do a cut I didn't plan on!

    Although making the dual out feed table has been pretty challenging. I'm still working on it:

    It'll look OK once I put that piece of hardboard over the top of it.