My Most Flexible Gymnastics

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Step 1: Turtle Shell Rock

Do a backbend and try to grab your feet ! That's it

Step 2: Back Walkover - Front

Do a back walkover the do a front walkover

Step 3: Neck Bend

Do a backbend the put your neck on the ground and tool over

Step 4: Backbend Half

Go in a backbend but don't use your hands go half way then go back up that's it . If I get 400 views by Tuesday then I will be giving shout outs to the first 10 best comments !

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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago

    You're cool I want you to try a back bend with no hands with a little practice you could do it like a pro

    Just do a regular backbend then take your hands up


    5 years ago

    wow theses are cool plz post some more


    5 years ago

    It was dark so yeah but anyone who can do gymnastics can do these poses and Thanks for the 433 views in one day thank you guys !

    Interresting poses. I am quite certain that I could not bend like that, though... Also, you should try and take clearer pictures, maybe using a tripod and/or flash of your camera has one. Thanks for sharing!