My NEW Assault Rifle With Removable Mag

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well i was bored with my i basically made it longer, changed the stock, used the mag I SHOULD HAVE used for said peacekeeper, and called it an Assault Rifle =p...shall we go over pros and cons?

very comfortable
attachments (useless but look good)
flip up sights (same as my peacekeeper)
mag with internal push
EASILY modifiable
reliable (ive shot around 75 shots and had only 1 jam)
range of 40+ ft

its basically a larger version of my peacekeeper
flip up sights dont look really good
another "classic gun"

shoots blue rods
curved mag would look better
looks kind of like a FAL/SIG 552 hybrid
i really like the scope =p

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    War pig

    5 years ago

    It kind looks like an mk14