My NEW Knex AK47 Model





Introduction: My NEW Knex AK47 Model

About: my top 5. 5.ajleece 4.Knex builder freak 3.The Jamalam 2.Barrax 1.YOU!

i got the idea from cod 6 cos i was pownage with it!!! 47 kills to 10 deaths!!! lol



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    Thanks, you can get it at for $110 and get free shipping and them to test it for you.

    change ur stock! this doesnt fit to the gun only bad thing ^^ rest is preddy nice

    HOLY SH-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YOU ARE POSTING IT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have to eat dinner, but i can assure you 50 people will know about it by tonight .

    yes!!!!!!!!!!! lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum yum!!! thanks, ill be adding an acog, red dot, silencer, rail and much more!!! also if you could get people to rate the slideshow backup, some hater rated it down!!! thanks!!!

    Yes I did, and it looks like I may have to rebuild it if you post that mod pack.

    thanks! ill be making a rail, scope and other things for it soon...

    Not terrible, but seeing as it doesn't shoot it has no excuse for not looking almost exactly like the real deal.  I would sort out the stock and the front of the barrel; have a look at BB's AK for some inspiration if you need it, but don't copy completely.