Rubberband Crossbow!


Introduction: Rubberband Crossbow!

Do you remember those little pieces of paper you would fling around? If not then it must be a newer thing. : / I basically built a crossbow version! Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

2 metal flat washers
3 Screws
I block of wood
2 rubber bands


Step 2: Making the Rubber Band

It is simple you take two rubber bands and interweave them.
Pretty simple!!!!!

Step 3: Actual "cross Bow"

Take your piece of wood and make to marks on the front of it.
Then take your Punch and make the holes for the screws.
then layer the rubber band under the washer and screw on tightly
Repeat 2x

Step 4: Attaching the Clamp

Alright now all you have to do is attach the clamp and your done just make sure that you have a screw that is bigger than the loop.( see pic if that doesn't make any sense)

Step 5: Duck!

Have fun



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