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Introduction: My New Sudhu Tewari Lamp

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I just picked up this awesome lamp, made by artist Sudhu Tewari. I got it at Langton Labs' Deceminate Craft Fair. It's 100% awesome and now graces my desk at Instructables HQ. Things I like about it:

  • The traces aren't too dense, and have really interesting shapes.
  • The PCB is translucent, giving the light a really nice hue. These are from some sort of mixer and are very hard to find.
  • You can see just a few components that were left on the inside of the lamp, silhouetted.

I'm currently looking into mounting a large u-shaped fluorescent bulb inside so that it will put out some serious light. It currently has a little 13W CFL in there.

UPDATE: I went ahead and put in a tall, 36W CFL. The lamp is a lot brighter and lights up evenly, now. I posted an instructable on how to do it.



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    Hy will there be more of stuff like this or is it a unique invention? Really nice lamp, would be great if there's gonna be a little series of that...:) If that's gonna happen, please mark me for the waiting line...:D Sorry for my english, i finished School years ago and don't need it that much here in germany...;) :)

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    Ich liebte dieses Projekt. Aber Sie können nicht finden Faserplatten, dass in diesem Projekt verwendet wurden! Ich kaufte die Platten aus Glasfaser leer. Drew komplexer Schaltungen. Alle fake! Nur Ästhetik. Und die Korrosion! Ich benutzte die Technik der Toner.

    Der vorstand der glasfaser macht das licht milchig!

    Verwenden lampen R.G.B. mit fernbedienung.
    Das Ergebnis war weit überlegen!
    Es ist die Mühe wert.


    It's a one-of-a-kind, at the moment, but the artist told me that he has more of these unique circuit boards to make more lamps. You can get in touch with him via his profile. I'll warn you that mine wasn't cheap, though!

    Sweet! I was trying to build something like this before, but this is just amazing