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Introduction: My Organic Farm / Garden / Orchard

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This is the layout of my organic farm i started.  i took over my grandparents property they had some horses and a barn but was overgrown for about 10 years so i started to farm it out.  Bought some bees, some fruit trees, and there were lost of different kinds of berries all ready growing on the property, so i started to cultivated them.
Each square of plastic tarp is about 8 feet by 18 feet
and is staked down by some old pvc i had laying around, after rototiller lay out your tarp and start cutting i have a circle cutter makes this a lot easier but you can use squares

what you will need
plastic tarp razor stakes plants rototiller hammer for pounding in stakes garden hose and sprinklers

Easy to water, weed free garden. You can just mow around the out side of the tarps to keep the weeds down.

NOT PICTURED is the tomatoes canopy this will stop the fruit form touching the ground this will be shown and explained in another instructable.

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    2 Discussions

    A very good idea. I was thinking of getting off the grid myself (once I'm 18, lol).

    I've been looking a lot at auquaponics lately ( my mother would like a year round garden), and I was thinking you could introduce this system for some of your plants. It could be solar/wind powered (there are plenty of 'bles), and you would get food year round, without worrying about frost of weeds or pests.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You have to do ALOT of work. Auquaponics is not as easy to keep as you think, maintaining the fish, and the fish food. and cleaning and maintaining the tanks and such.
    Growing in dirt in a green house in raised beds is the cheapest solution, for year round growing, thought heating cheaply and efficiently is difficult in winter for me. but once i am producing enough solar wind power i can power a heating unit.
    Other then that i wish i started this as a kid, now i could be relaxing right now.