My "Owerkill" of POWER Supply



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Hi. My title says: ”An owerkill of a power supply”… Hmm.. lets see if it is.
Here the power goes through 5 steps before reaching the target, (in this case the ATtiny84, a member in ATMEL-family).

I guess this doesn’t actually go under the definition ”Instructable”, but it may give some hint’s for someone?

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Step 1: The Main PSU

At the Main Power Supply Unit, PSU, I put them desired Volt and max. Amp,
but the readings are so small that I just bearly can read the numbers??

Step 2:

I drive this power through a VOLT/ AMP unit with a large display that can be read from a distance

Step 3: The Remote/ Slave

At the Main PSU output I take the power via a cable to a remote/slave controller with a display.

With this remote I can easy change the voltage needed at a distance, with them UP/DOWN red buttons,

thus I can’t go higher with the remote that is set at the PSU.

Step 4: After Remote/slave

Step 4.

An ON/ OFF Switchboard. This becomes wery handy.

I have here:
1 output with the voltage same as @ the remote

1 output with the voltage same as @ the remote via a diod,

This is for if I want to charge a battery, is to inhibit the voltage to go backwards

I have a display here for to see the ”right” Voltage ”after” the diod

Step 5.

Here’s a stepdown from switchboard --> target. In this case 5V to the ATiny 84.
I adjusted it to 5V and checked it with a multimeter and then hotglued the pot.

I guess that if with this setup something ”smokey things” happens,
it’s time for me to retire, (actually I am retired), but at least to change my trade.

Hah… Let me know if this is a ”owerkill” or not 



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