My Own Idea for Making a Real Cubesat

About: I am not very old. I am a programmer and I like electronics.

Cubesat is a dream to the normal people. My own cubesat will in the space!! That's a dream, isn't it. But now I will share my ideas of making a real cubesat. After researching a long time, I have come in this position. Let's start. Keep strong your mind.

Step 1: Research

Step 2: Planning

So, our cubesat will be 10 cm in length, width and height. We will use aluminium sheet for body. A solar panel for power and we will need a power bus.

A computer board is most important. There are many types of them. In next step, we will discuss about it.

Step 3: Main Board

There are many options,


Raspberry pi,


Eagle flight computer

Own designed circuit.

The last option is not well. So, we will not follow that. Eagle flight computer is used in weather Balloon. But haven't the way to communicate with it over radio connection.

I think we can follow the picture's board shown.

Step 4: Others

Communication board is very important. Use this : BulletCAT11 - 600 Mbps CAT11 LTE Ethernet/Serial Gateway


For this part you should read this page

You will need a sd card with minimum space of 4gb.

Step 5: Add Power

You should use a cubesat kit bus.

You will need a suitable EPS that supply 5 volt to power bus.

Step 6: Make It

You should take help from cubesat website to make it.

Some org have service to send cubesat to space. Contact with them.

I will wait for your news of your cubesat.



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