My Pallet Wood Coffee Table

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Intro: My Pallet Wood Coffee Table

The First Step was to break down these Pallet wood crate lids that I come across in a friends shed. So out with the crow bars and wooden blocks. After removing all the nails and staples I sorted out the best parts and glue and clamped them together. Sorry but I could not find the pics for that process ....Annoying lolol...

Step 1: The Table Top Pattern

Once all the glue had dried I sanded the top starting from 80 grit to 220 grit then hand finished. I Routed a dead end chamfer to a one inch stop @ all four corners.

I then Routed the lines in the top with a 1/4" round nose groove bit. Took me some Time as I measured everything to make sure it all came out square.

Step 2: Frame Work

The frameWork was made from the rails from the Pallet wood lids. I did not change these much only cut to length and sanded as they were at the right depth I wanted. I added extra narrow rails to these so I could screw the top to the frame. I then added the corner braces to take the legs..

Step 3: The Legs

These I made up from a length of 4"x4" post I had, cut them to length then I just sanded and Routed a dead end chamfer @ the corners..

Step 4: Legs Continued

I then assembled the table by placing the legs at the corners and screwing them into place @ the corner braces using a roofing square to get it straight and true.

Step 5: Finishing

After the finished assembly I stained it in dark Oak four coats. Then I added the decorative pieces to the front.

I used branches,some cut down homemade veneer cut on the table saw and bark. Then used a hot glue gun to set them in place the pinned them with tacks. The finish is clear quick dry varnish, four coats. I really enjoyed this build and it was a good upcycle project.....



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    2 years ago

    This looks like something you would find in a castle during the middle ages! Great work! I would have gone a lighter finish to showcase the grain more but that's me. Our world needs more like us saving usable items from the trash!

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    WoodCrafts 67tpagels

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks mate

    I did think about a lighter stain but I do like the darker shades, Maybe the next one I do we be in a lighter finish :) Thanks for Commenting. Appreciated.....