My Plan to Make a 3D Printed Car

About: I like 3D printing and cars, so I really want to 3D print a car...

I want to create a 3D printed car. YES, I know that that is a LOT of work and skill. But, bear with me and I will tell you my plan of training myself in designing and 3D printing in general. If anyone would like to help me, message me (I would not like you to come to my house unless I know you). Also I haven't done this yet, it's a PLAN. BUT, if I win the printer, I will not stop working on this until I do have a little 3D printed Walmart kid car. I'll make sure to put a cupholder in it. Yes, I know this is not an instructable, so I will not be telling you how to make a 3D printed car.

Step 1: First: a Small Car

First, I will create a copy of my RC car. If it is good and rolls around, I will move on. If it doesn't, I'll see what's wrong and fix that. The car will be in individual pieces, not one piece.

Step 2: Second: a Larger Car

Next, I'll create a version of my other RC car, a larger one. Again, if this one is good and rolls around, I'll continue.

Step 3: Third: a Challenge

Now I must be pretty good and modeling and printing. Now I'll try to make a go-cart. If I can pull this off, I'll give myself a break. The go-cart will be for one person, of course.

Step 4: The Final Step

Ok, like I said, if I can pull off that go-cart, I must be pretty skilled at modeling and printing. Now I try to make the car. I'm NOT GOING TO MAKE A FULL SIZED ONE. It will be like one of those cars for kids that is at Walmart. Now, since the seats are small, no, TINY, I'll make it have one big seat. Unlike the other steps, if this one is strong and I think that it will work, I'll buy a high torque electric motor and rig it up as best I can to make it like a go-cart. Or maybe I'll just use the go-cart and make it have a motor.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This will be really interesting! When you do make a 3D printed car, be sure to write up some instructions to how you did it.

    As is, this isn't really an instructable, but I like the idea! Good luck!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I actually just ordered a 3D printer about an hour ago, so I guess that is the first step. Then I'll see what modeling software to use.