My Plane Entry- Toss It Contest

Introduction: My Plane Entry- Toss It Contest

This is my first Instructable so try to be constructive with your criticism.

I came across this plane a year or so ago and it's been my favorite since.

A big reason for that is the fact that every time you make it it ends up slightly different. It makes slight changes in the flight every time, sometimes it curves, sometimes it twirls, but overall it's easy to make, and I think it looks pretty cool.

I drew on the plane 2 different colored lines, red and blue, and I refer to them.

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Step 1: First Folds

This is where we start off. All you need is a piece of standard copy paper.

1. Fold the paper long ways , or hot dog style. The fold is red. (pic 1)

2. Fold the top 2 corners to the red (pic 2)

3. Fold in the next corners in the old place to the red (pic 3)

You'll end up with something like how you would start a simple plane.

This much should be easy. things start to change in the next part.

Step 2: More Corners In.

Short Step:

1. Fold the very top point down to the very bottom in the middle. (pic 1)

2. Bring the next corners down to the middle blue. (pic 2)

Step 3: Bottom Point

Next we will fold down the bottom point which you hold.

Sorry, this part is harder to describe.

1. Moving the point at the end up, make the fold where it hits the next layer (pic 1)

2. Fold along the blue so it ends up like pic 2

If it looks like there's a big gap where the point folds down (pic 2), it won't affect the flight, and also if it rips, again, not a big problem

Step 4: Wings

Lastly, wings.

1. Fold 1 top part down to the bottom(pic 1), the fold should be around where the thick meets thin.

2. Do the same with the other side so it matches. (pic 2)

3. On the cracks in pics 3 and 4 you can add tape if it appears they are open too far

Step 5: Throw

Grip the thickest part at the point on the bottom and throw!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    30 second video, not added? Otherwise nice job, I love the place where you live, it looks AWESOME.