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I was asked to show some more details of how I did my pool cooler, so here they are. I didn't do a video (not really setup to do those just yet) to step through cause I might not be able to remember how to re-rope it to put it back together. My wife loved this thing last summer and I do not want to "break" it.

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Step 1: Parts........

This is the container I used. I use these and a couple of other containers from this company around the house for quite a few storage methods. I get them from Walmart, I hope Walmart and Sterilite can keep these and the other ones I have been using for a number of years now in stock without raising the prices on them after I post this.

I used a blue noodle, not sure where I got it from.

The rope I used is 1/4 inch nylon all weather or marine rope. I got it from Home Depot. I think it was marked as being soft, but not 100% sure.

Step 2: Noodling the Fit

1. Put the container upside down on your work surface.

2. Lay the noodle along side on end of the container.

3. At the corner of the container Cut the noodle about 3/4 way though the noodle. Again not all the way so the part you leave uncut will act like a hinge.

4. Bend the noodle at the hinge so it wraps around the container. You might need an extra pair of hands to hold the noodle in place along the side you first laid the noodle.

5. Repeat this for the remaining 3 corners.

6. Cut the noodle all the way through where the noodle meets with the starting end.

Step 3: Rope Threading

The following instructions are how I best remember how this part was done.

1. Thread the rope through the first section of the noodle.

2. Where the rope comes out of the noodle wrap it around the hinge and then feed it through the next section of the noodle.

3. repeat for the next 2 hinges.

4. where the rope comes out of the last section of the noodle. Start to wrap it around the container in the same direction clockwise or counter clockwise direction it came out of the noodle. This should draw the 2 ends of the noodle together at the corner of the container.

This is where things get real tricky and your anger management will be tested.

5. So with the end of the rope alongside of the container, thread it through the loop at the hinge.

6. Continue laying the rope in the same direction and loop it through each loop as you get to each loop/hinge/corner.

7. When the rope is back at the corner where it started, tie it off. and cut the rope, with at least 6 inches of slack.

8. With the type of nylon rope I used I usually take a match or lighter and melt the ends to keep them from fraying.

9. Tuck the remaining slack of each end of the rope in the hole of the noodle.

When you are all done you should have a snug fit. When you have the container on a surface (not in the pool) the noodle will most likely / eventually drop to the surface, but you should be able to hold the container by the noodle even if it's full of beverages. I do suggest you use 2 hands to carry it when it is full.

Step 4:

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