My Portable Electronic Component Tacklebox(PECT for Short)

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This is my Portable Electronic Component Tacklebox. 
I can take it wherever i go. (I'm probably bringing it on my next vacation)
Here's how i made it.

Step 1: Parts Needed

I actually got the tackle box for Christmas, but you can probably get one at a bass pro shop.
I also used some post office labels

(and my electronic components!)

i later added my Makey Makey and my Arduino Uno board also.

Step 2: The Bigger Stuff

i put my perf board down on the bottom, as well as my soldering iron, desolder gun, solder, continuity tester, manuals, extra wires, wire strippers,(and eventually, my 2,000+ resistors in bags)

Step 3: Organizing Capacitors

I organized the capacitors from least to greatest uF.
Then i put them in the tacklebox and labeled them accordingly.

Step 4: Resistors!

 as i already have stated, i have 2,000 resistors that i got for 10$ bucks off eBay :)  Luckily they were already sorted in bags and labeled. PHEW.  i couldn't fit them into a section, so i put them in the bottom.

Step 5: Other Components

I added my other components in empty sections, and organized my other capacitors(remember to label!).
Everything fit nicely!

Step 6: Finished!

after i got all the parts in and organized, i taped in the resistor chart and i was done!
now i can bring it wherever i go!

(i also taped in Radioshack's store Business card, which has there number on it)

Thanks for viewing!

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    4 years ago

    Nicely organised!