My Pyramid Head

Introduction: My Pyramid Head

My rendering of Pyramid Head from Silent hill.........I used ideas from the games as well as movies and added my own "tweaks".Spent about a week designing and making this costume. I Used 1 inch foam board, Mack Tack 2 way tape, Hot glue, Misc. plumbing parts, 1.5 inch rope, dust mask respirators,  1 and 3 quarter inch bolts and some plastic lath and shear cloth for the Pyramid. I used the form core to make pads inside so all I need to wear is a ball cap inside the helmet. Used some spray paint for color, starting with flat black and then I used anodized bronze and sprayed the whole thing. I used more flat black and a brush and just barely added on the bronze to make it look like old steel. The apron is shoe canvas(2 yards) stained with tea, cut and hap-hazardly cross stiched back together down through the middle. I also sew a belt ring on the inside to hold it up. The blood I just basically threw at the cloth while it was hung up outside. I did this 3 different time to layer. Shirt is just a "wife beater" covered in blood. Arms will be air brushed to look scarred and dirty. Would go shirtless and painted but its damn cold :) So the great knife is a 10 foot piece of 3 quarter inch cedar shaped, sanded, primed and painted bronze with some red at the end. I also dumped fake blood down the end and let it drip down he blade. Kinda hard to see here. I have a little piece of steel cut to attach at the end to give it that steel grinding sound.  I used black hockey tape for the handle grip and kinda cut it and gouged it to look old. My height comes from dry-wall stilts.



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    Hell, if you wouldn't mind making another one I'd be cool to buy one, depending on the price. I've never been good with crafts.

    Sorry everyone for the late reply. I will be getting the pyramid head back in a few days. It's taken some punishment so I will be adding to the costume and will post pics of the inside and out. This years project will be the "nurse" outfit. I have some ideas!! Ill have the wife wear this one.

    i like this one, the cedar is a great idea to keep the weight down, I was going to use a fence post in the spine to give the "hollow grind" sound. NIce idea on the stilts i was setting up to use buckets, but those will give more freedom of movement ( and I can use them for work on deployment) thanks for the post, can you include a pic of the inside of the head?

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    that and a "moto-cross" helmet o give better head support and movement of the head.