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Blue v1, 2, 3

Blue v1 was started from an old r/c car. Blue uses 3, 3v dc motors; two for the drive wheels and one for the front bucket. The original controller from the car is used to control the robot. The wheels have the capability to go forwards and backwards but not turn. The bucket is able to rotate up and down. The body of the robot is built from stock plastic and red duct tape.

Blue v2 was suppose to be the superseding version that would add the ability to steer along with a few other alterations and additions. The first prototype proved not powerful for the two newly added motors still using the same 4.3v power supply as v1. The main flaw in v2 was that i did not know how to make a motor turn both clockwise and counter-clockwise with a switch. Blue v2 was set aside.Blue v1

Blue v3 was the attempt at bringing back the simple and original design of Blue v1 back. The new design featured a stronger frame made from hard board. other modifications included the addition of a hopper on the top to catch what is picked up from the bucket and easier assess to the batteries for charging.

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Step 1: Beetle Bot

The original idea of the Beetle Bot came from Make magazine. Its main function is to turn its self around when it hits a wall. It uses two momentary SPDT switches that are connected to the antenna. When the antenna hit something, the switch is thrown and the motor goes in reverse. The main frame of the robot is two AA battery holders.

Step 2: Timmy the Tooth Brush Bot

Timmy the Tooth Brush Bot uses a pager motor from an old cell phone and three tooth brush heads. The motor vibrates the bristles of the tooth brush heads and moves the robot in a circle. 

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